UDA signs an MOU with GCF and MGG

Posted on January 17, 2022

An MOU was signed on 30th September 2021 by and between the State Ministry of Urban Development, Coast Conservation, Waste Disposal and Community Cleanliness, Good City Foundation and MG Group of Companies. By this MOU, A working group with members from each party was formed. The Smart City Working Group is established in the core vision to develop comprehensive urban digital transformation strategies and execution plans on the Smart City Master Plan for Gampaha Municipal Council, Sri Lanka.

G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance is a core initiative launched by the G20 Summit in Japan 2019 with the secretariat of the World Economic Forum, Geneva, Switzerland. The Alliance is a smart city policy acceleration program that recruits emerging cities in the world with their government planning policy makers to cross-learn and receive consultation and acceleration support by the high-level smart city technology and policy experts in the World Economic Forum and related partners to facilitate a comprehensive development and execution of the Master Plan for all future cities. GCF is an Institutional Partner.

The development of the Working Group takes advantage of such background and opportunities to invite the City of Gampaha to engage and prepare the nomination to the G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance through a series of Master Plan and technology pipeline development for execution.

Below are the series of outputs in the Working Group, including but not limited to;

  • Formation of the Smart City Working Group committee (from the MG Group, GCF and the Ministry and related Departments, e.g. Urban Development Authority in Sri Lanka).
  • Assessment and Understanding of the Smart City Project provided by the Gampaha City Urban Council or relevant body(s);
  • Establishment of the City Profile over the digital platform of the GCF as a data room;
  • Provide policy and technology expertise assistance to the planning and execution of the Smart City Project (including the projects involved).
  • Assist the conduction of digital twinning with quality technologies suggested and recommended by the Working Group.
  • Provide a digital platform to share a list of data sets of the city for benchmarking and rating assessment through the Working Group. (Confidentiality Applies)
  • Nomination to the G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance;
  • Invitation to the Bootcamp Accelerator for Mayor Office (BAMO) to be conducted with the City Government representatives;
  • Invitation to the Planning for Good Cities Roadshow in the Future City Summit Annual Meet;
  • Evaluation of the Smart City Working Group and the G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance.

Enabling Smart Urbanization in Sri Lanka - Smart Gampaha City is an advisory and business investment facilitation scheme provided by the Smart Gampaha City Working Group jointed among the Urban Development Authority of Sri Lanka, MG Group fo Companies and Good City Foundation.